nailed it

story.xray.kusayou’re not going to believe this!

this article tells the story of patrick lawler a construction worker who went to his dentist complaining of a toothache that has lasted for four days. when the dentist looked into mr. lawler’s mouth he discovered that he had a 4 inch nail embedded in the roof of his mouth. lawler had been working with a nail gun, shooting a nail through a piece of wood. what lawler didn’t know was that while nailing the piece of wood he actually sent out two nails. the spare nail somehow bounced into the palate of his mouth embedding itself into his skull and going 1 1/2 inches into his brain.

he walked around with this nail in his head for six days thinking he had a bad tooth ache. he actually ate ice cream to help lower the swelling of this supposed “tooth ache”. he ended up having to go through a four hour surgery to remove the nail and now seems to be doing well.

my word!

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