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i constantly struggle with keeping our youth ministry website current. i’m too cheap (an overriding theme of my life) to actually hire someone else to do the website for me or to pay for one of the “ministry related” website services that you can get through truewell or other organizations that host and design your site for you. nope my cheapness makes me try to do things on my own. the result of this has been that i buy the cheapest web hosting i can find, make a site, and then typically don’t update it for quite sometime.

after a while i feel guilty about the state of the youth ministry website and start a major redesign of the site. i update the site and it looks okay for awhile but then i typically let it get out of date again. it’s a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over.

but not this time. i think i’ve reached a solution that will last longer than normal. i’ve decided to use the blogger interface to run the youth ministry website. this will make the website look like a blog. i can update it regularly without having to change the code behind it all the time. blogger also let’s change the style of the website simply by changing the style sheet within it. hopefully this thing will work out.

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