liar, liar , liar? maybe?

it’s thursday night and the the aprentice 3 is on so pamela and i are watching it. i love the show but i think donald trump is probably a jerk (i mean he wants people to refer to him as “the donald”. what type of joke is that). tonight he was asked by one of the contestants on the “net worth” team about an urban legend concerning trump paying off the mortgage of a good samaritan’s house to thank him for helping trump while his limo was stranded. trump was asked to his face if this was true and trump said it was with out giving any details.

for years similar legends have gone around concerning several celebrities. it’s a good story but snopes has debunk the story again and again. snopes has listed an article concern this story about trump since july 30, 2001. a full three and a half years before trump’s words tonight. according to snopes the legend is false. i guess the event could have happened since 2001, thus moving it from legend to fact, but i personally figure trump is trying to get some free good publicity.

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