i need your shoes

i need your shoes.

well not really any old shoes. i need specific shoes. you see this is not a shoe collection or gathering. nope this is an act of worship. i need shoes that you were wearing when you experienced GOD in a significant manner. it could be that you were wearing those shoes during an incredible moment of worship, or maybe when you felt completely alone and didn’t even feel GOD’s presence yet still you knew HE was there, or maybe you were wearing those shoes when you felt HIS comfort. it doesn’t matter what the story involves as long an experience of GOD is at the center of it. if the shoes weren’t worn by you during an experience with the LORD then i will gladly give them to the salvation army for you but i don’t need them for this worship service. it’s the stories that are most important.

if you have shoes that fit the above category and wouldn’t mind giving them to me for a worship service in march i would greatly appreciate it. i need the shoes and the story of the experience. after we use the shoes within the worship service we will take them with us on our beautiful feet mission trip so other people can experience GOD in those same shoes.

anyways, thanks!

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