shoes for the journey

johnny baker is doing an “instillation” that is pure genius . he asking for shoes from all around the world that have experiences of GOD linked to them. it’s an amazing idea. in fact, it is so amazing that after i agreed to send a pair of shoes of my own to the cause i quickly sent out an email to all those associated with the parkview youth ministry asking them to send me their shoes and the stories of encounters with GOD that are associated with those shoes. we will use them as part of a worship service in march and then pass those shoes on to others at beautiful feet, a homeless ministry that we work with every spring, in hopes that the recipients will also have amazing encounters with GOD while wearing those same shoes.

you can read johnny baker’s idea on this for yourself here.

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  1. Hi,

    You don’t know me, but I found your site through J.T.’s Xanga site… I think the idea of providing shoes to the homeless is good… and hopes for a Godly encounter is good, but I think asking people to bring their shoes and drop them off is an easy way out… I rather see the donators bring their shoes themselves and share their God experience directly with the homeless, rather than jot it down or give it to someone else to do. Someone’s testimony never has more power or conviction than when shared by the one who experienced it. I don’t mean to squash one’s desire for giving and sharing testimonies, I am, however, tired of Christians(I know not all of them) looking for an easier way to “share their faith” than talking to people directly. Just my humble opinion.

    Also, I don’t intend to be anonymous as I don’t have an account on this blog ring, so you may respond to me on my Xanga site

    Thank you for your time, patience, and listening ear.


  2. good point pat and i whole heartedly agree with you but you don’t know the whole story. when i said we would pass those shoes on to other during our beautiful feet mission trip apparently i didn’t make clear that the youth would be the ones giving them out and sharing those stories. we have an ongoing relationship with beautiful feet (going there once or twice a year). the kids and adults going on the trip will pass the shoes out, tell the stories, and share the good news with every one around. unfortunately due to age requirements not everyone can go on this mission trip. yet every one still participates through prayer and resources. kind of a bow and arrow approach. the arrow (or mission team) hits the target but only because the bow (or church) sends it out and gives it power. what i’m trying to say is that the majority kids and adults who are giving their shoes WILL give their shoes and tell their stories directly with the men and women who are living in a homeless situation.

    the other thing i would like to say is that the shoes are not meant to be an alternative form of witnessing. instead they are physical reminders of what GOD has done in our lives. they are a part of worship not some cheap easy way to avoid actually sharing the gospel in a personal way.

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