the view – march 2, 2005

amos - table 2monday i posted my drawing of what i wanted our “welcome table to look like for the view, our wednesday night youth worship service. here’s the picture of what happened with the actual “welcome table.” you can’t see it on the picture but the plumb line is there.

the thing that amazed me was the “worship stations” that the youth developed. they were incredible. one teen did hosea and had an amazing station on brokenness and forgiveness. the other teen did shadow boxes of joel. they were both incredible. i was deeply moved personally and so were many of the others who participated in the stations. these kids blew me away with the depth that they pulled out of these things. i can’t wait to see what next week’s stations involve.

of course, part of what got me was the fact that i was expecting less from the teens. i really figured it would take a few weeks for them to “get it.” that’s part of why i did the “welcome table” as a station. i wanted to give them an example. boy am i stupid. they understood perfectly what was involved in the worship stations. i should have never doubted them.

here are a few pictures of the kids’ worship stations. if you follow the link to the flickr photos you can actually see where i have tagged the images telling what is in each image.

hosea station #2hosea station #1

joel station #1joel station #2

the view – wednesday, march 2, 2005

joel station #3i have to take a second and brag about what happened tonight at “the view.” over the next several weeks we will be dealing with the minor prophets during the view. we are constantly trying to bring “the arts” and different learning styles into worship. that is why they are several people within our student ministry who are establishing worship “stations” within the student center dealing with eight of the minor prophets. the people doing this are using different methods of expression to convey the meaning of each book. tonight, haley and julie did hosea and joel respectively. what they did was incredible. i thought both were extremely moving and very much in tune with the scripture and what we as GOD’s people needed to hear and experience. it was an awesome night.