dnow 2005
it’s the second day of the discipleNOW. it’s been a blast though i’m a little tired. i’m typing this during a break for loading video footage onto the computer for processing tonight. while i was at it i figured i would post a few pictures from the “amazing race” that happened this afternoon. you can see them by CLICKING HERE. if you have pictures you would like to add send me an email and i’ll send you an invite to the photo group.

say it ain’t so

it’s 2:03 a.m. and i’ve just gotten home from the first night of our discipleNOW. overall it was quite a good night. i’ve loved spending time with the guys from ten shekel shirt, they have a real passion for social justice and it was been encouraging to hear what they are involved in. andy neely said some powerful things this evening. i was only able to visit two of the homes this evening – the boilings/ tenth grade girls and the fletcher / 12 grade co-ed. the 10th grade girls were really loud. i can’t believe they haven’t woke up the entire neighborhood. i’m so thankful i have boys for kids. 🙂

now i have to report the impossible … my linux computer has CRASHED. it’s crashed bad. the thing locked up and i had to do a cold boot up (unplug the thing and restart. now the machine locks up every time it starts loading “x” (the graphic interface). i don’t really have time to look into this right now so i can’t give any more details. i thought this wasn’t supposed to be possible. linux is supposed to be the stable platform. the one that all the others look to. why do i apparently have the only bad linux machine in the world?

anyways, have a good night or morning.