i can see right through you

if you read the flickr blog you’ve already seen these “transparent” computer screens. if you haven’t let me introduce you to the concept of a “transparent” computer screen. basically people take pictures of what is behind their computer and then place those images on their computer desktop and then take a picture of the environment containing the computer. when it is done correctly is makes it appear as though the computer screen is transparent – thus allowing you to see right through the computer screen. in my opinion it’s a pretty cool illusion. if you would like to see more of the images click here.

SIDE NOTE – the incredibles is an amazing movie. i love it when kids movies have such great themes (being who you are supposed to be, the struggles of the family, discrimination, working together, etc). “the incredibles” approach these themes in a very entertaining manner.

the end of the minor prophets

at the beginning of the month of march i started a series of messages on the minor prophets. as a part of this series members of the youth ministry volunteered to set-up worship stations on each of the minor prophets that i did not talk about (eight in all). each station was an interactive interpretation of the major theme of the minor prophet that it covered. last night was the end of the series and thus the end of minor prophet stations. i can’t post pictures of the stations from last night because my camera’s battery was dead but they were the same as the previous weeks … amazing. i love the fact that the teens and adults involved within the student ministry participate so much within our worship. they’ll be more stations in the future.

politics as normal

finally there’s a man running for political office that we can all get behind. he’s name is rob outhouse! i kid you not. a guy with the last name of outhouse ran for the position of sheriff in cayuga county, new york. i guess you could say that sheriff outhouse is one politician who is definitely “full of it.”

SIDE NOTE – since my camera’s battery died i don’t have pictures of the worship stations at the view last night but once again they were amazing. i’ve loved everything you guys and girls have done as a part of “the view.”

whose not here

i’m usually not the largest fan of b.c. (i just don’t think it’s very funny) BUT i thought this comic was way too true. i mean why talk about the divorce and pornography that are within our churches when we could just talk about homosexuality? it’s so much “safer” to just focus on the homosexuals and you get so many more “amens” during those messages. or why not talk about how america has fallen because there is no prayer in schools rather than preaching about we followers of CHRIST being involved in social injustice and not making any difference in the world around us?

in his book blue like jazz donald miller talks about a time that he and some friends set up a booth on reeds college and asked forgiveness of the students that were there. maybe we should started asking forgiveness of the the world for so easily “preaching” about their “sins” and never mentioning our own.