being showed up

i hate it when GOD puts me in my place. tonight i wanted to steal an idea from doug pagitt and solomon’s porch and have a group discussion on the scripture that we will use for next wednesday’s view service. solomon’s porch does this each week and they call it bdg. i liked the idea and thought it would work well with the personality of our group. i announced it last night after “the view” and hoped that a person or two would show up since i had not mentioned it before. the plan was to discuss the book of jonah and together figure out some of what GOD wants to say to us from the story.

the problem is that this morning i was asked if i could provide a ride to the group. it was a person that i really thought would be a lag on the conversation. i wasn’t expecting much from this individual and wasn’t really excited about being “stuck” taking him there and back. i don’t know why i’m so stupid. i should have learned from past experience not to underestimate people. hopefully i have learned my lesson this time because the comments my friend added to the conversation were incredible. if anyone was a “lag” on the conversation it was me. my friend was amazing. i’m not sure that i’ve ever understood jonah until now. how can i be so consistently stupid?


pam, my wife, has officially gone crazy. pam now spends ten to fifteen minutes each night trying to get montana to howl. i’ve written about this once before but since then it has become a nightly occurence. pam will throw her head up in the air and shout “arooooo” and montana goes crazy. this only eggs pam on and she slowly gets worse and worse. so just be warned that if you come over to my house at night and here some howling it may or may not be my dog.

i really need to get some prozac for pam.

that’s not polite

i went to foxy’s fitness center this morning to play raquetball versus bill. when i walked into the center there was a sign on the door saying that they would be working on the “large men’s locker room” later today. i asked around and it turns out that foxy’s has two men’s locker rooms (a fact i didn’t know). one is named the “large men’s locker room” and the other is named the “small men’s locker room.”

that’s kind of rude to separate people based on their size. the real disturbing thing was that i wasn’t exactly sure which locker room i was supposed to go to.