i scream, you scream, we all scream for … hey wait!

on the way home from church this afternoon i saw the first ice cream truck of the spring. i love ice cream and i especially love ice cream on wheels. i will regularly go out of my way to get ice cream from an ice cream truck. it was this love that cause me to decide to convince the driver of the ice cream truck to pull over and let me buy some ice cream for myself and my kids. i turned after the truck, got on his bumper, and desperately started flashing my lights. i couldn’t get a response so i started lightly tapping my horn. nothing.

i followed the guy for almost two miles flashing my lights, honking my horn, and screaming wildly with my kids for the guy to pull over and sell us some ice cream. no matter how much noise i made i couldn’t even get the guy to look in his rearview mirror. he just kept on meandering at his ten to fifteen mph pace. i finally decided to pass the guy, stop in front of him, and thus force him to stop so i could get some ice cream. i sped up to pass him and pulled into the opposite side of the road. when i did this he immediately turned to the right entering another road. i don’t think he ever saw me. i could hear his music traveling all around our neighborhood but i never saw him again and i was never able to purchase any ice cream.

they really should give people a hearing and vision test before they allow them to drive an ice cream truck.

welcome table for the view


here’s my drawing of what i want to do with this week’s “worship station / welcome table” at the view. we’re dealing with jonah and the table is supposed to symbolic hit on some of what we are going to do.

this week as been a good example of why youth ministry is the greatest of all ministries. i’ve done everything from serious counseling, to message preparation, to relationship building, to coming up with a creative / artistic (slightly) manner of covering the windows of the former “cry rooms” now storage rooms. i’ve worked with teens and adults who are in pain, youth workers, other pastoral staff, janitors & maintenance crew members, and parents. it’s simply great. nothing else compares.

in the back of the student center we have these four huge windows that look into the former “cry rooms” of the church. these rooms are now storage rooms but they still have the glass and you can look into the mess that is in them. i finally came up with the idea of using “the rasterbator” (a program i learned about via a professed agnostic’s photoblog – how’s that for irony). “the rasterbator” takes images, rasterizes them (reduces them to various size dots), and then print the image to whatever size you want on normal paper. we’re pasting the rasterized images in the windows of the “cry rooms.” the image below is what it looks like right now. the thing i like about it is that when you turn the “cry room” lights on it produces a nice soft glow that back lights the rasterbated images.

cry room #1 cry room #2