discipleNOW things

it’s the week before our discipleNOW and therefore i have a huge list of things that have to be finished.

  • finish the video intro for friday night worship.
  • finish the video intro for saturday night worship.
  • prepare basic outline for summary video that will be shown sunday morning.
  • maintain contact and answering questions with the dnow leadership.
  • set-up improved sound system.
  • set-up borrowed and scraped together improved video system.
  • hang a 18′ wide screen from the back wall.
  • spend as much time as possible with my family.
  • spend as much time as possible with GOD.
  • desperately pray that it doesn’t rain saturday.
  • enjoy the fact that no matter what i get done or don’t get done amazing things will happen simply because of the fact that those involved within the weekend are willing to look to GOD during the weekend.

i really want to get everything finished. i want the weekend to be amazing from a technical side. yet honestly it is very freeing to realize that even if all the technical stuff flops it will still be a great weekend simply because the people involved within it will answer JESUS’ quiet and persistent knock at the door of their lives (revelation 3:20). teens and adults will begin to follow the way of CHRIST a little better not because of any great thing that i have orchestrated. rather it will be because those involved in the weekend have simply slowed down enough form their overly busy lives to actually see GOD at work and hear HIS voice. it has taken me a long time to realize that even though GOD choose to use me HE still doesn’t depend upon me. it will not be by my effort that anything good happens. instead i am greatly honored to know that GOD chooses to work through my feeble efforts to help with HIS good. ultimately everything is on HIS shoulders. i’m very appreciative of that.

of course, i’m still going to fret about all the stuff i have to do.

SIDE NOTE – a friend and fellow youth minister dropped by today asking some questions about the sabbath retreat we did in january. i’m glad he did, and not just because of the fact that he helped us carry the 18′ long projection screen that i still have to hang. i was glad because it was nice to think back through that weekend. it was a great chance to watch GOD and my youth do something special. anyways, thanks j.t. for coming by. i hope y’all’s weekend is just as amazing.

a little disappointed

i have to say that i’m a little disappointed. i post a picture of montana standing on the table and nobody has commented. i usually don’t really long for comments or anything but that picture was different. it’s funny. go ahead and look at it. it just plain funny looking to see a 12″ high dog standing on a table. i was sure everyone would get a great laugh out of it and that the comments would pour in. so i posted it believing that it would bring a moment of levity to your lives and you would respond by commenting on the hilarious nature of a basset hound on the kitchen table.

but no! nobody responded. what’s with that? it just simply doesn’t make any sense. do you people have no sense of humor? are you unable to laugh? are you unable to comment? has someone stolen your computer and therefore you haven’t actually seen the picture of my dog standing on my table? that would really be a shame. okay, i guess i won’t hold it against you since your computer was stolen an everything.