the summer

the youth ministry summer is rolling and i am already tired. this is not a good sign.

on the good side i got to hang with my niece and a member of the youth ministry today as they tried to eat a one pound cheeseburger each so they could get their pictures on the wall. they succeeded and i was greatly impressed. i have been even more impressed with the teens in our youth ministry reaching out to people. they always do a great job of reaching out to the “foreigner” (anyone who doesn’t seem to “fit” for one reason or another). i’ve seen them reach out to new kids, socially awkward kids, kids with terrible diseases, etc. it regularly blows me away. it has been particularly pleasing to experience it first hand. my two nieces have been with our family for the week and our teens have reached out to them in great manners. they been asked to spend the night, go out to eat, go for coffee, go to a movie, and much more. i love watching this and i love my teens.

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