we’ve got a blind date with destiny … and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster

nicaragua #4our mission trip to nicaragua is july 28th to august 4th. we only have room for a few people and thus it is a “first come, first served” situation. in order to reserve your spot you need to turn in a $100 deposit as soon as is humanly possible. the past two years it has been an amazing trip spent being involved in the lives of some incredible people. i’m sure this year will be even better.

i can not stress enough that if you want to be a part of this week in nicaragua then you need turn in your deposit as early as possible. if you don’t turn in a deposit you’ll come to me saying “oh robert i want to go to nicaragua with y’all” and all i’ll be able to do is say “no nicaragua for you!” then of course, i’ll laugh in your face and push you down on the ground. once you’re on the ground i’ll probably kick dirt in your face and throw rotten eggs on you. it will all be very discouraging and humiliating. i wouldn’t wish that on anybody. so turn in your deposit quick like.

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