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yes i know everything looks different. there is a reason for it looking different. the reason for it looking different is that i have upgraded to a newer version of bblog and as of right now i can’t figure out how to import my old entries. for those of you are mysql literate here’s the issue (for everyone else just skip to the next paragraph) – from what i was able to figure out i had to start a new mysql database in order to use the new bblog code. the old code used an 11 table database and the new code uses a 10 code dbase. so i still have the old database with the old entries in it but i don’t know how to import them into the new table. if any of you know enough code to figure out a way for me to import my old entries i would greatly appreciate it.

to everyone else, i decided to change to newer blog code because my old software doesn’t allow me to control my comments (it won’t send me an email when i receive a comment or hold a comment until i say its okay). based on a few experiences i figured it was best to move to some new code that has some improvements. the sum of this is that the blog will look different from awhile and hopefully become better (the style of it not the content – there’s no hope for the content).

anyway here are some of the advantages of the new bblog code:

  • email notification of new comments
  • rss 2.0 and atom site feeds
  • the ability to disable new comments on a post after certain amount of elapsed time (i.e 1 week, 2 weeks, 2 months, etc).
  • the ability to edit the time stamp on a post.
  • the ability to actually edit comments rather than just deleting them, as was done in the previous version.
  • the ability to place html within a comment.

there are other benefits to the new code but these were the main incentives for me.

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  1. not really because i can’t figure out how to import the original entries. that’s actually disappointing. now the cool thing about the new bblog code is that you can now place html within the comments – something not allowed within the previous versions.

  2. I think this is a good idea. However, I am one of those people who don’t like cruise control because I don’t like the feel of the gas pedal operating with out me.

  3. html stands for hypertext markup language. html (and it’s newer cousin xhtml as well we other derivations) is the code that actually makes up the web page that you are looking at. it’s the language that is sent across the internet to then be made into the pretty little web page that you see in your browser. come on mom. dad has raised you better than this. 🙂

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