manual import

well i still haven’t figured out how to import my previous 397 posts into the new database for the new blog but i have at least figured out how to access the old database and manually transfer each separate post from the previous blog. this means that if i transfer 4 old posts a day then in 100 days i would have transfered all my previous posts. of course, that leaves out all the old comments and insightful statements that some of you made. there has to be an easier way to do this.

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  1. No Alycia, that sucks for US. We miss reading Robert’s old blogs. This is kinda like loosig your journal.


  2. yep, you’re right. i’m not real excited about the whole thing. of course, that’s why i keep hinting for one of the computer geniuses that read this thing to figure out a way to automate the whole thing for me. none of them seem to be picking up the hint.

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