for those playing the game

my last fill up
as some of you know i’ve decided to goof off with the JESUS project theme of “refuel” and reward anyone who signs up (which you can do via the website) on the day that i refuel my truck. the last time i refueled was friday and nobody signed up on that day. i’m about to have to put some more fuel in my truck and we may have our first winner. jessie haltom signed up earlier today and if i can’t make it home without fueling up then she’s going to be our first winner. otherwise, i will be filling up tomorrow. you might want to know that if you were planning on signing up soon.

jess, my assistant, and i were talking today and i think we are going to throw in some gas station prizes for anyone who signs up on a day that i refuel.

[Listening to: I Can’t Get Next To You – Al Green – Al Green – Greatest Hits (3:52)]

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