i have fooled you all

i just finished reading the book that jessica lawrence and many of you made for me. apparently jessica got the crazy idea that i may have helped a few of you and decided that it would be nice to convince as many of you as possible to write letters to me and then publish them in a book. it is among the nicest gifts i have ever received. it will be cherished for all of my life. pam is presently bawling her eyes out beside me as she reads it. i may have teared up a few times but it was obviously because i had some dust in my eyes.

i just can’t believe i have pulled the wool over all of your eyes. because the words you all said are far too kind. i figure one of these days all of you are going to wake up and realize what a feeble attempt of a human being i am.

even though we know that we are supposed to go to wisconsin and we are very excited about going to stevens point, you still make it hard to leave baton rouge. all of you are what we will miss most about baton rouge. we like the cajun food, we enjoy all the l.s.u. spirit, we marveled at the green beauty of the state, and have eaten up the history of the region. yet none of that is what we will really miss. you are what we will miss the most.

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  1. You guys are Amazing. thank you again. i will always pray for you guys every time i see salsa, see a white man do a decidedly “white” dance (complete with white mans overbite), every time i play music, every time i see a big, empty chair with a light on it, every time i feel like im struggling through something. because you guys have shown me the beauty and life in all of these things. i can never say thank you enough for letting God work through you guys to show me a little glimpse of himself in y’all. id love to come up and see you guys sometime, but the sadness im experiencing (sp) is nothing compared to the joy i get when i think about all of us re-uniting with the king of all one day! thats just nuts. anyway, ill stay in touch when i can, but know that you guys have changed my life. THANK YOU

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