please go away erin

the bad news for the day (a day in which we were packing all our earthly belongings into a uhaul truck) was that the people buying our house apparently have not tried to buy insurance until today (or maybe yesterday). the problem with this is that the insurance industry refuses to issue new policies whenever there is a storm in the gulf. this means that we will not be able to close on our house tomorrow (friday) as we were supposed to. the good news here is that the seems to be a slight window in between the time were erin is in the gulf region and before dean enters the gulf. if this holds up there is a very good chance that we will be able to close on our house in baton rouge on monday morning by proxy and then close on our house in wisconsin monday afternoon. it’s a clim hope but that is what we are praying for. otherwise, we have to unload our stuff into a self-storage place and then move it to the house once we are able to close on it later in the week.

if you have any strong weather connections (or insurance connections for that matter) with GOD and wouldn’t mind pulling a little extra prayer to convince the BIG MAN that it would be really nice if the terrells could close on monday morning, that would be very cool. we would be eternally thankful.

of course, no matter what happens GOD is still GOD and things will be manageable.

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