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so i have finally finished my journeys to and from baton rouge, louisiana. now it is merely a matter of putting everything in it spot, slowly painting and changing what needs to be done within the home and starting to figure out what in the world i need to be doing to plant this church. it’s all pretty bewildering to me. today i while i was putting up our bookshelves and placing books on them (a rather long process) i was introduced to a t.v. show that makes me sad. it’s called “flip this house.” i don’t think it is really a new show but this is the first time i have had cable in seven years so i don’t really know or not. what i do know is that after watching the show all day while emptying boxes i find almost every show makes me think of a train wreck. every show is about someone going into the house with big dreams. those dreams are all well and good until they tried to sell the house. that’s when almost everyone of them found out that the whole process wasn’t going to work for them. almost every show that was updated showed people either moving into the house because they couldn’t sell it or coming close to losing money on the “flip.” it’s all kind of sad.

i’ll start trying to post more now that things are calming down a little. hopefully this will make my mom happy.

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  1. Actually, your mom is happy. It is just that blogging is such a part of you that if you don’t do it, I think you are not happy. It’s a Mom thing.


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