wiggling your butt

this just makes me laugh. it is also why i pray that we will not have any “church people” desire to be a part of tapestry. so here’s what my wife and kids made me listen to and what made me laugh and get upset at the same time (at least the first segment did both … the second one just made me laugh and want to dance). listen to this first (concerned_pastor.mp3) and then listen to this one (concerned_pastor_mix.mp3)

ht winn griffin & my family.

psuedo-cajun cooking

thanks to jess, josh, meg (alphabetical order here) and parkview i was able to treat the professors within the communicative disorders department of uwsp to a ton of jambalaya. if you remember meg, josh, jess (reverse alphabetical order) and parkview gave me a jambalaya kit as a going away gift. today was my first attempt at making jambalaya by myself (josh showed me how but i’ve never done it by myself). i have to say that though it was a little mild for my taste it still went pretty well. i learned a lot and the jambalaya didn’t turn out half bad. one of the first things i learned was to plan for more time. many of the short cuts that were available in baton rouge are not found in wisconsin. i had to produce my own trinity rather than just buying it. i’m also going to have to look around for a better source of pork sausage and chicken thighs. i think i can figure that out.

for anyone who is interested (and for purposes of arching this information) here’s is the recipe that josh hooked me up with:


  • oil
  • sausage (manda or savioe’s mild pork sausage… hot is too hot, garlic is nasty)
  • chicken (boneless skinless thighs work best)
  • vegetables (onion, bell pepper, celery… the pre-cut mix works great)
  • rice (1 pound for every six people… use long grain rice)
  • seasoning (red pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic salt, etc… or Tony’s)
  • kitchen bouquet (to make sure it is the right color)
  • optional: sometimes I throw in a pound of breakfast sausage and a pound of andouille)


  • 2# meat
  • 1# rice
  • 1# vegetables


  • heat oil (just enough to cover the bottom of the pot)
  • brown meat
  • brown sausage first, then take it out
  • brown chicken in the sausage drippings, then take it out
  • sauté vegetables until they are wilted and liquidy
  • add water to sautéed vegetables
  • add seasoning to taste (it needs to be too salty, everything else is up to your preference)
  • add kitchen bouquet to darken
  • add browned meat
  • let it simmer for an hour if possible
  • crank the heat up and bring it to a rolling boil
  • add rice and let it boil for 5 minutes (stir just enough to keep it from sticking)
  • lower heat, put lid on, let it sit for 12 minutes (don’t take the lid off)
  • remove lid, pull rice from the sides and let the water run down the inside of the pot… put lid back on and let it sit for 12 minutes
  • remove lid, turn the jambalaya over and let it steam (lid off) for 5 minutes
  • (the 5, 12, 12, 5 timing is key)

of course, the most important part of making jambalaya is having a good “feel” for things and therefore having josh’s recipe is not the same thing as having josh’s skill.