what i love about wisconsin thus far

here’s the list after four weeks in america’s dairyland:

  • fishing – i haven’t even gone fishing here yet (because i haven’t obtained my license at this point) and i’m already thrilled by it. just talking to people and reading lets me know that i’m back in fly fishing country.
  • seasons – the leaves are already turning nicely and it’s just going to get better.
  • small university town – it’s a smaller town where some of our neighbors never lock their doors and yet because of the university we have some cool things come our way. we have tickets to see bill cosby in concert on october 12th (sorry mom & dad – but just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean we can’t).
  • fair trade emphasisfair trade is a big deal around here at the coffee shops and groceries stores and i like it.
  • green emphasis – recycling and being good ecological stewards is important within the community. i’m now at the point that if it’s close enough and i’m not pressed for time i ride my bike where i need to go.
  • chipmunks – people around here can’t stand them but having been raised in the south i think they (and the black squirrels you can find every now and then) are amazingly cool.
  • snow blowers – i’ve never used one but i’m convinced that i’m going to think it’s amazing.
  • the packers – can it get any better than the team from green bay? i think not.

SIDE NOTE – i had a wonderful discussion with the intervarsity campus minister today. i’m really enjoying meeting the people involved in campus minister at uwsp and i’ve appreciated their insight. there are some good people around here who really want to see a difference made within the school and community.


SIDE SIDE NOTE UPDATE – well it was still a great game.