one line

i’ve posted before about the one campaign and my belief that you should be a part of it. yet i wanted to post again because the email they sent out today really made sense. it’s a little action but it could make a big difference in the developing world. here’s part of that email:

… in some places in the developing world, there is only one line for one name on property ownership forms. this one line may not seem like a big deal, but it works to systematically deny a woman property rights, blocks her from getting the credit she needs to build a business, and forces her to fight for her home if her husband dies—because that one line is for a man’s name.

the solution is as simple as adding another line so that a husband and wife may both own their family’s land.

the way we in the u.s of a. help encourage adding one line is through the growth act. the act works with property rights. micro loans (a very cool thing), and employment opportunities for women in developing countries. by improving conditions within developing countries we help to make our own country safer.

to learn more and possibly send a letter to your governmental representatives go to