bible up

while i am watching “the natural” with my oldest son i thought i would send out a big “thank you” to an anonymous giver. today i received to boxes of niv bibles that someone sent for tapestry. i don’t know who did it but i really appreciate it. there have been several people who have made contributions to tapestry and in addition to them parkview baptist church gave us some older equipment for us to use. i really appreciate these contributions.

the one today came at a great time because i had a somewhat depressing day. my goal today was to make a lot of contacts that i could move forward on over the next week or so. i’ve been trying to talk to as many of the local pastors as i could to learn from them what has been done before in the area. so i placed as many calls as i could and emailed as many addresses as i could find.


i wasn’t able to get through to anybody today. it was nobody’s fault. i just wasn’t able to reach people during the times they were reachable. the problem for me was that it was somewhat disheartening. i know i’ve only been doing this a month but there are moments were i think the church is going to blossom in a matter of seconds. then there are other days where i wonder what type of mess i have gotten my family into. after making zero contacts all morning i felt a little bit more of the former. so i decided to jump out of the house for a little while. i ran around town, prayed some, and got a diet coke (a good trio for my soul). when i got back to the house there were the bibles.

perfect timing. thanks.

several of you have had perfect timing and i truly appreciate it.