changing agendas

since it’s been awhile since i’ve preached a message i recorded what i was preaching at the uwsp intervarsity large group meeting this past monday night. it’s a little hard to listen to, 1) because the quality of the recording isn’t that great – i simply had a recorder in my pocket, and 2) since i was out of practice i have a large number of verbal pauses in it – ouch, that’s hard to hear “um” over and over again.

anyway here it is if you want to listen to it.

problems with the blog?

hey guys & girls. our great friends the austins emailed today to say that they were still able to read this blog through bloglines they have not been able to actually visit the blog (I’m thinking this should be read as “comment”) for about a week. i can visit and view the blog so i’m not sure what’s wrong. i was wondering if anyone else had been having a problem viewing the blog. obviously, if you have a problem viewing the blog you will not be able to comment so you could just email me instead (robert[dot]terrell [at] gmail[dot]com).