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right now i feel like i’m in a peculiar situation with the birth of tapestry. the issue is that i have been dreaming about this for quite some time, where as the people i have been meeting with are just now beginning to consider it as an option. so i’m at the point of slowly moving from the dream of tapestry to the reality of it. yet i can’t really start moving too fast until others are on board with the church. so what i get to continue doing is dreaming and hoping for other people to join in on the dream.

so today just for the fun of it i went to view some leasing property in downtown stevens point. i have mixed feelings concerning leasing property. on one side i would prefer to be rather nomadic. i think it sends a powerful message when a church decides to place it’s resources towards priorities other than a building. on the other side of the coin i think store front churches send a powerful message also. for me it connects very strongly with the original concept of the “ecclesia” being a body of those called out from within the city. there is something amazing symbolic in a church building that is completely physically connected with the other buildings of the city around it, rather than a church building that is a separate little fortress from the other buildings within it’s community. i also think it is just plain cool that anyone walking by a store front church building can look in and see what the people of GOD are doing in the room (hopefully they will be able to see the people of GOD doing many other things all around the community). it’s open and inviting. i’m ready for some other people to start joining the dream of tapestry so we can start deciding what messages are most important to us.

so without any real agenda, other than curiosity, i went downtown today to look at a few of the buildings currently available for lease. after looking at three buildings (one of which had a large side room that could be separated off from it and would work perfectly for what who i believe we will be in a year and a half). it was so cool to walk into a room and imagine a group of people dreaming about and living out the life GOD wants for them. of course, we’re a long ways from being in any type of building. still it was nice.

SIDE NOTE – i presently have a huge scab on my forehead from hitting the exhaust pipe of pam’s minivan saturday. from a distance it looks like a large “mole” on my forehead. because of this “mole” i battled in my mind over whether or not i should get my wisconsin driver’s license today. i finally came down on the side of getting it today because i thought it would be funny to see an chasier’s, security agent’s, or officer’s response (hopefully it will never be an officer’s) when he/she looks at my license and sees a huge “mole” on my photo forehead but not on my present head. it made me laugh continually while i was in the dmv waiting for my photo. i’ll post the photo when i receive my license in the mail.

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  1. I’m sure it is exciting to continue dreaming about Tapestry, and physically contemplating location options. Never fear – God will make the exact perfect location(s) available & known to you.

    As far as the forehead goes – YIKES! I started having bad flashbacks to the days when I was little girl & my mom would curl my bangs….let me just say – I know exactly how you are feeling 🙂

  2. I was so deep in thought, i guess dreaming also, reading about tapestry. Then i was laughing so hard i couldn’t talk. david has always thought i was crazy, but now more so. i can’t wait to see the picture and i love that you chose laughter over humility.

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