brad wenner is the greatest human being alive today

i love brad wenner and if it were not “against the laws of nature (and the fact i am already married) i would make him my wife (random simpsons paraphrase – willy says this to his tractor).” brad sent me an invite to grand central – a previously unknown to me google acquisition. it appears to be the perfect solution for my tapestry phone problem. i just signed up for it and it looks great. here’s what it does for me:

  • a stevens point phone number
  • sends notification of a new voicemail to my email and a sms to my cell phone
  • personalized greetings & specialized greetings
  • and best of all it’s free (at least for right now)

so tapestry has a phone number (715)952-4478. thanks brad.

by the way, you should check out his photography (flickr stream). he’s incredible.

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