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  1. This morning’s paper had a lot of people also commenting about Gore winning the peace prize. Some folks were all about it, while others said things like, ‘if Gore’s flying all around the globe and talking about the impacts of doing such things won him the peace prize – I should win the peace prize for driving 5 miles a day to work & sitting at home to watch TV. I’d say i was easier on the environment than he was!!’

  2. @scott – i dare. 🙂 just sent one to you.

    @jill – yeah. that’s why i loved scott’s article – it made fun of both sides. even though i agree with much of what gore said environmentally i’m not his biggest fan (mainly because he comes off as conceited to me and is perhaps the most boring speaker on the face of the planet – including his film). the biggest thing i can’t believe is that they gave a nobel peace prize to a guy who basically made a for profit movie. it seems to belittle the recipients who gave their whole lives for their work.

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