free is good – maybe

i’m a vetran garbage digger. when i drive down the street and see a pile of someone else’s junk on the side of the road i am more than willing to stop and pick up something that i like. i’ve found several great things doing this. after all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. last night i trash dove for the first time in wisconsin.

on the side of the road were two sets of waxless cross country skis. they are espoir titans (215 & 213 centimeters) and i know nothing about them (and i can’t seem to find anything on the net). all i know at this point is that they are at least better than what i had before – which was nothing. i’ll take them the hostel shoppe tomorrow. they will probably laugh at me but i’m okay with that because no matter how trashie the skis may be they are still free.

as a southern boy (born and rised in alabama) i have to add that finding skis in someone’s garbage was just odd and put a smile on my face. it’s probably normal for people native wisconsinites but it definitely wasn’t for me.

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