the terrell family has just found it’s first thing within wisconsin (or at least within the village of plover if it’s not the whole state) that we think is dumb. it’s halloween. the “official” celebration of halloween within the village of plover was today (october 28th) from 3-6p.m. what do halloween and daylight have in common? i know some of you are not big fans of halloween. i’m fine with your convictions. my family and i on the other hand are fine with halloween and therefore we had to laugh out loud at the thought of kids trick or treating during the afternoon. it just didn’t feel the same.

SIDE NOTE – for those of you would know the baltodona’s i thought i would pass along claudia’s request that you pray for momma neubia. momma neubia has been sick for a few days and finally went to the doctor. the doctor checked her out and said that he thought she might have a tumor in her colon. they have no idea what that means yet and so they will be doing testing tomorrow. please keep the baltodona’s in your prayers.

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