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so as everyone but grant knew the packers beat the broncos and what a win it was. like i said earlier, it has to be a bad week for grant. of course, since i sat on my couch watching the game while grant was at mile high stadium watching the game, i seriously doubt that he’s week is really that bad.

SIDE NOTE – thanks to brad’s generosity i received a couple of hand printed copies of “the gospel of screen printing.” i had written brad a couple of weeks ago asking if he might screen print me some business cards. he said sure and commented that hand printed cards “felt” different. i wasn’t sure what he meant until i touch the zines he sent. there is a definite difference in the printing and it feels great. i’m waiting on the logo that is being designed for me to send the business card design to brad. i can’t wait for the cards now.

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  1. what a game. I had great seats too…12 rows up on the 20. On the side that Favre was standing when he sent his rocket 80 yards down the field on the first play of overtime…

    Bittersweet…hope young Cutler was paying attention.

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