i’m sure most people know this but i figure i’ll say it anyway … if you are older than 29 then you are no longer cool unless you are a rock star or an actor (and all of them are pretty much lame and pathetic so who would want to be one). the reason i say this is because ever now and then i run into one of those people who thinks they are still cool and tries to play the part. for example, a 35 year old man refusing to shake your hand because he insists on dabs instead. now it’s all okay because i’m by no means cool.

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  1. i had thought about defining it for you :). i even looked into linking to the urban dictionary definition of the word but there were a few other references that i didn’t really like and didn’t want to link to. anyhow, a dab is kind of a high five but you hit knuckles instead. your tapping fists together. IT CAN ONLY BE INITIATED BY SOMEONE 29 YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER. it’s okay for you as someone older than 30 to respond to a dab (even better if you do it with a perplexed face) but it’s pathetic for anyone who is 30 or above to start it (this actually includes actors and rocks stars – if they start a dab then they’re a joke).

    being as i am 40 i NEVER in start a dab.

  2. say it ain’t so len. say it ain’t so.

    i gave you the loop hole. you can respond you just can’t initiate. i thought that was fair. after all it would be rude not to respond. i respect you so much and now i learn this. my world has been crushed.

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