oh my stinking word

the discussion of faith within desperate housewives just got better. of course, we’re flipping channels because there are other parts happening that we don’t really want to watch and definitely don’t want our kids watching. yet the scenes of the two characters discussing faith are so good that i may have to download the episode and use it for discussion sunday night at tapestry’s launch team meeting.

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  1. Robert, don’t worry about turning in your man card. My wife got me to watch 3 seasons of Project Runway with her, so…

    Anyhow, I have noticed a small push on TV to include the Christians, well, to put in stuff that will make “christians” perk up, just enough to get them in on the show. Loaise told me that they were singing “Shout to the Lord” as a choir on American Idol.

    Back to the main topic at hand. Our culture has reduced “church” to listening to popular Christian music and hearing a professional speechmaker lecture for half an hour. If you look at the scriptures without superimposing this idea of “church” you will see something that was MUCH more participatory, involving everyone.

    Jesus did preach and announce the message, but even most of the red letter is in dialogue… questions and answers and conversations. The key was in being obedient with each new revelation or command.

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