"church isn't a place for questions, it's a place for answers"

i have never seen an episode of desperate housewives before. i know it’s pretty popular bu it just hasn’t been on my list of shows to watch. so i was greatly surprised when pam and i were flipping through the channels and we ran across a television conversation on someone going to church. i didn’t realize until the end of the scene that it was desperate housewives.

apparently one character had gone to another character’s church and accidentally caused a little embarrassment. the character who has visited the church was preparing to go to another church service that evening and was excited about it. she was preparing more questions. that’s when the the hosting character said “church isn’t a place for questions, it’s a place for answers. that’s why we don’t ask the pastor questions during his sermon.” the visitor responded with “but what if i need a place where i can ask questions?” i’m not really sure how the host character responded because pam started shouting “THEN YOU NEED TO COME TO TAPESTRY!”

of course, i would agree with my wife and we are presently watching the end of the episode to see what happens. i would never have thought that i would be excited about watching desperate housewives. i probably should turn in my man card.

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  1. The fact that many people believe Church is for “answers, not questions” is sad, but partly our fault. Pastors just don’t work hard enough at making discussion happen. I would really love to see a pastor bold enough to allow a Q&A after a sermon. That would be fun.

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