turning aside

pam and i meet with a group of friends every monday night to eat dessert and help each other follow JESUS more closely (the church phrase for this is “small group” or “life group”). it’s great. tonight we all started going through “the life you always wanted” by john ortberg. the book is about spiritual practices and is kind of a lighter version of richard foster’s classic “the celebration of discipline.” i think it is going to be awesome 1) because i really like the group and 2) i really connected with the 1st chapter. it was basically all about the story of moses and the burning bush. ortberg points out that the story hinges around moses “turning aside” or noticing that GOD’s presence was there. so that’s what we are trying to do this week – “turn aside” or notice that GOD is there. we discussed a few basic ways of doing this. my manner of choice was to blog about it. therefore, along with the other random things that i post i will be throwing out my “turning asides” for the week.

SIDE NOTE – an open letter to the one who parked in spot #95 before me.

dear previous spot 95 parker,




thanks for leaving your parking spot while there was still time on the meter. you see, i didn’t have enough change to place in the meter to cover the time i was going to be in the university center. i knew i was going to go over the time i would be able to purchase with the dime and a nickel i had on me and as a result i was fairly sure that i would get a ticket. i was just going to have to chance it but thanks to you leaving your paid for spot an hour and two minutes before your allotted time i didn’t have to worry with a ticket or even parting with my 15¢.


you’re the best oh wonderful previous parker.


if there is anything i can ever do to repay you for your generosity in parking meter time i will gladly do it. in fact, i will try to “pay it forward” by paying for a couple of other people’s parking.


your parking buddy,


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