a GOD sized task

this afternoon while meeting with a couple who have been coming to tapestry for a month i was reminded of the need for CHRISTians to try GOD-sized things. brent and rachel moved to stevens point from around chicago. there they were a part of the chapel and worked within the chapel’s domestic missions. we were talking about it and rachel said that the goal for her mission was to end all hunger in their county. that’s a large goal. some would say that was probably an impossible aim. that’s what makes it GOD-sized, because GOD likes to do the impossible.

as the bride of CHRIST we need to aim for GOD-sized goals. i’m not sure if we are doing that enough. GOD has to be present and working for us to accomplish GOD-sized goals. when we aim small we don’t need GOD. we can reach tiny goals on our own. yeah we can brag about succeeding with them and pretend like we saw GOD do something but we know the truth … we usually do them in our own strength. that’s not true with GOD-sized goals. with them we are going to fail if GOD doesn’t show up. with GOD-sized goals HE gets all the credit because HE is the only ONE WHO could accomplish them.

i know our present economic time calls for prudence and i agree with that. i’m not talking about any church over-reaching itself with its finances. instead, i think we need to push the limits on our love and sacrifice. if we love and sacrifice in GOD-sized manners i think really cool things will happen and i want to be a part of that.

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