tenebrae was tonight


as usual i come away from being with my fellow “threads” more in love with CHRIST and with them. i love being with the people of tapestry. tonight was our second annual tenebrae gathering. thanks to the generosity of guy (the owner of emy j’s coffee) we were able to meet in the garage which was a wonderfully intimate spot. it was a tremendously simple evening of scripture, singing, and increasing darkness. i know it has set me up for easter and i hope it did for many of my friends also.

thank you to everyone who helped do the tenebrae. you guys & girls were amazing.

for those interested in what we did here’s a pdf of the scriptures and songs.

IMG_1919 IMG_1929 IMG_1934

btw for anyone who is interest here’s the paul robeson version of “were you there” that we ended with tonight.

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