wow that tingles

last year i resolved to quit playing racquetball twice a week and though it took me 12 months to reach my goal i was finally able stop playing racquetball twice a week this past january (2005). it took me being sick, and then the boys being sick, and then bill being sick but for awhile i was definitely able to stop playing. unfortunately everyone is well now and thus i had to start playing racquetball again. today was the first day.

having not played racquetball in two months both bill and i were definitely a little “rusty.” this showed in the manner in which we played. we went the wrong way, gave up on balls that we could have actually got, and never really hit the ball where we wanted to hit it. i think that’s why bill pegged me with the ball. he hit it as hard as he could and i was only five feet away from him. it hit me dead on my right elbow. i think it probably hurt but i really don’t know.

have you ever accidentally hit your funny bone? if you have then you know the tingling feeling that you get. now imagine someone hitting you on your funny bone with a racquetball at full force. my arm went completely numb except for the overwhelming tingling feeling that kept on going up and down my arm. i had a huge red mark on my arm that was probably very painful but by the time i could feel again the pain from the racquetball had subsided (i think because of course it may have actually never really hurt).

i think bill did the whole thing on purpose. that’s why i decided two things 1)to beat him and 2)to hit the ball as close as possible to him through out the game just to keep some fear in him. it was fun to watch him jump and fun to actually beat him. of course, i still can’t feel my arm.

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