what a jumper

dog on the tableour basset hound, montana, learned a new trick tonight. i was in the living room watching the boys play a game (adam has a couple of boys over tonight to celebrate his birthday, which actually happens next week) and pam was on the computer in the study. montana on the other hand was desperately trying to reach a piece of cake that had been left in the center of the table. i wasn’t too worried about it because i had been watching her try to get the cake for a good ten minutes without much success. she was whining because she couldn’t reach it. then it became quiet … too quiet. i looked up to see what had taken montana’s interest away from the cake. it was then that i saw her new trick. my 12 inch tall dog was standing on top of the table. the sight really caught me off guard and i laughed sudden enough that i shot sweet tea out my nose. the sight of a basset hound on your table is just a little odd.

other terrell news of interest:

  • based on her conversation with one of her professors pam should finish your ph.d. at l.s.u. december of 2007 (this is good news).
  • the old terrell game cube died this week and was replaced tonight with a new, shiny, platinum limited edition game cube.
  • adam and noah have learned to do “crisscrosses” with the jump rope.
  • as a family we saw the pacifier” tonight and i was pleasantly surprised by it.
  • our glass cabinet doors came in today and thus we are much closer to finally finishing remodeling the kitchen. the doors are cool. the guy at the glass store saved glass that he had pulled out of old windows and put that into our doors. you can see the imperfections of the old glass and i love it.
  • my life has consisted of “tuning up” our windows 98 computer, loading a windows xp computer, learning about loading linux on a computer so that i will no longer have to mess with windows, and finishing the second season of “24” (which was great and thus i can’t wait to start on the third season and be completely caught up with the fourth season that i have loved watching).

i guess that’s it from my life for now.

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