i have a strong belief in the sanctity and dignity of human life – all human life. for me this dignity comes for humanity being made in the “image of GOD.” that image is too sacred to be treated with disregard. my opposition to abortion comes out of this belief. yet, i belief that a focus on the dignity of human life requires more than just trying to keep people from aborting fetuses. it means protecting all human life. thus we have to take care of those who are in need and protect the “image” by meeting those needs. it also means standing up against those who end human life just become it means there needs or desires. that why i have two areas that i want bring to your attention.

  • at 1 p.m. today the state of florida will allow the removal of terry schiavo’s feeding tube. once the feeding tube is removed schiavo, who is physically healthy though mentally in either a semi-comatose or fully comatose state, will slowly starve to death. all she presently needs to continue living, and thus have the possibility of some recovery, is to be fed. congress is trying to pass legislation to prevent this. you can help my emailing and you senator and representatives asking them to pass the legislation. you can contact the louisiana senator here and the representatives here.
  • the state of texas plans on executing stephen staley march 23rd. staley is by no means innocent. he killed another human being. yet even as a murder the “image of GOD” still resides in him and his life must be treated with dignity and protected just because of that image. i am opposed to capital punishment because of my belief in the sanctity of human life. sometimes that means protecting thus who aren’t innocent. you can write the governor of texas and urge for a stay of execution (and life without parole) by going here.

SIDE NOTE – 12:22 p.m. a state judge in florida has temporarily blocked the removal of terry schiavo’s feeding tube. it’s still up to the federal government to do something decisive.

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