passionate people

i love people who are passionate about something. truthfully it doesn’t really matter to me if what they are passionate about is just plain stupid. i would rather be around someone who is passionate about believing something that is complete idiotic and wrong than i would be around someone who is right but has no passion for what they believe.

pam, my wife, found such a passionate person in one of her classes last friday. pam is presently taking courses at l.s.u. towards getting her doctorate in speech language pathology (a very noble profession). last week her professor announced that one of the students would be leaving the class here soon. she didn’t explain why so pam didn’t really know what was going on. this week pam got to class early and saw the student who would be leaving and therefore she decided to ask the young lady why she would be leaving. well it turns out that the young co-ed isn’t really a student at all yet. she’s from germany and has her bachelor’s degree in special education with an emphasis on speech pathology and she has her masters in speech pathology. awhile back she was trying to figure out if she wanted to go after a ph.d. or not. so she did what anyone would do when they were trying to determine if they would go after another degree or not … she started translating english speech pathology papers into german. in particular she started translating the work of pam’s professor at l.s.u.

while doing this the young german lady decided she had to get to know this professor. she was so enthralled by the writing of the speech pathology prof that she knew she would never be satisfied until she had the chance to go “soak up” the presence of the professor. the young co-ed told her parents she was going to move to america for 6 months just so she could hang out with the professors – a woman that neither the co-ed nor the co-ed’s family knew anything about. you can probably guess how that went over. even without here parents’ blessing she was still convinced that she needed to come spend time with this professor so at her own expense she moved over to america this past september. since september she has been hanging around the professor as much as she could just to learn from her. she leaves to go back to germany here soon.

that’s passion. i love that.

just for the fun of it i’ll send you to another passionate person. miss msdonald is an unknown person who has made her own mcdonald’s costume and goes around to various mcdonald’s restaurants. she does this just because she loves mcdonald’s. i don’t really understand how anyone can like mcdonald’s but i do respect the fact that she is so passionate about her poor choice in fast food restaurant loyalty.

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