ring the bell

awhile back i mentioned at the view and on the blog that the coalition of immokalee workers had been fighting with taco bell for a one penny per pound raise on the tomatoes they picked for taco bell. the immokalee workers had been had been picking tomatoes for 1970s wages and had been unable to convince taco bell to give them the slightest raise or improve the working conditions at all. churches across the country had joined with the coalition in boycotting taco bell in the hopes of convincing them to do the right thing. after years of protest taco bell and yum foods decided to give the workers the raise and improve conditions. you can read more here.

so if you have been boycotting taco bell in support of the immokalee workers you may now eat at the bell in peace. i don’t even like taco bell and yet i plan on taking my boys to eat there tomorrow.

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