my wife is the greatest

pamela ann adkinson terrell is the greatest. she is the greatest for allot of reasons but the reason right now is because she is semi-forcing me to get an ipod. you see i have the habit of being incredibly cheap (a trait i inherited from my father). this is not something that i usually think of as a bad trait but it becomes a royal pain when it involves gift money. i have a habit of not spending money that has been given to me as a gift. i presently still have the money that my parents gave me for my birthday (november) and four gift cards to barnes and noble and best buy that i received for CHRISTmas. it’s not that i don’t want to spend the money and gift cards. it’s just that i will go to the store sure that i’m going to buy one particular thing and then when i get to the store i start to convince myself that i don’t really need the item and it’s simply a waste of money. personally, i usually think that is a good trait but not with gift money. gift money is meant for splurges. that’s the whole point of the money. i don’t think we should splurge much during normal every day life but birthday and gift money is something incredibly different.

so this is where pam comes into the story. she has decided that i am going to spend this built up money on an ipod. i’ve wanted to get one for awhile. i’ve priced them, researched them, figured out what color and model to get. yet every-time i think about it i realize that it is just a waste of money. of course, it is the perfect thing to spend gift money on. that’s what pam says and i believe her. so therefore when i get back from the beautiful feet mission trip i am going to order myself an ipod.

here’s where you get to participate. by ordering the ipod from apple i get two lines of text engraved on the back of it for free. i’m looking for a good 46 character quote. if you have one then help a brother out.

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