so what does a church planter do?

i have no idea!

but i can tell you what i am doing in the name of church planting … meeting as many people as i possibly can. this means going to kiwanis meetings, going out to uwsp faculty get togethers, eating lunch with people and today it meant joining a bi-weekly pickup basketball game with a group uwsp faculty, alumni, and students. it may not sound like much but my body is telling me that it was a big deal. i haven’t seriously played basketball in years. yes, i play a little bit of basketball every year when we go to nicaragua and do our “basketball clinic” but anyone whose ever seen that knows it involves very little serious play. this group plays a good bit better than the nicaraguans (though the nicaraguans kick serious butt in soccer). it was a lot of fun. of course, i’m in very serious “old age” soreness and pain at this moment. nobody ever told me feeling like this was a part of planting a church.

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