google calendar sms

as i have said before i really like google calendar. i really like the ability to subscribe to multiple calendars, if i desire allow other people to subscribe to my calendar, and receive text message (sms) reminders sent to my cell phone. today i discovered gvent, which allows me to add events to my calendar and check my schedule for the day all via text messages. it’s a nice thing.

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  1. I know you hate McDonald’s, but they are offering a free Relient K concert in your area. Something for your GCal. I am not even sure if Madison is close or not, but hey it’s a free show.

    I wonder if the SMS works to a Peru phone?

  2. yes and no. if you have claro then the sms reminders will work. unfortunately at this time outside of the u.s. of a. you cannot add events via gvent. i assume that will be cominng soon since you can receive event reminders.

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