x = created by satan

i hated algebra as a teen and i now hate it as the parent of a teen. algebra is of satan.

this is part of why algebra is so demonic:

the sale price of a radio is 30% below the original price of the radio, but a 7 % sales tax is added to the sale price. betty’s total bill for her radio came to $97.54. what was the original price of the radio Betty bought on sale? (hint: let x be the original price of the radio. write an equation to represent the problem and then solve it.)

the answer is $130.23 but the problem is writing out the equation. oh how i hate algebra.

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  1. the key to word problem is to pick out the words that typically mean mathemetical functions. like “of” typically means you’re going to be multiplying, “less” typically means subtract, etc.

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