stupid is as stupid does

thanks to andy lickel i was able to preach at the intervarsity large group meeting tonight. it was a great group of college students that i really enjoyed being around. at the beginning of the message i tried to invite participation within it and even went so far as to give out by cell phone number and tell everyone that if they were too shy to speak in front of everyone they could simply text it to me and i would say it. this statement came from an idea i’ve been bouncing around concerning doing a message that has questions and comments sent in from the congregation through out it. anyway, i thought it was a good idea and i really stressed that i was serious that they could text me during the message and i would respond.

the problem with this is that at the beginning of the service i did the polite thing and turned my ringer down. i did not use my brain and turn my ringer up once i told everyone they could text me in the middle of the message. so when the messages came in i had absolutely no idea that it was happening.

stupid, robert! stupid!

thankfully there were only a couple messages sent and their senders were very understanding when i texted them back after the service.

my run for the day
distance – 1 mile
time – 10:45
pace – 10:45/mile

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  1. I always knew you wouldn’t amount to anything, and now you have forgot to turn up the ringer on your phone. What next? Will you forget to wear a belt!

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