october prayer email

here’s the tapestry monthly prayer email for october. if you are not receiving these through email and would like to please email me (robert {dot} terrell {at} gmail.com) or leave a comment and i will add you to it.

SIDE NOTE – does anyone who reads this blog (besides brad because he’s already helping) know anything about environmentally friendly printing (don’t worry dad i’m going to quiz you on this when you get up here)? the stevens point area is a very green focused area. this is great with pam and i because we have been going this way for quite some time. i thought it would be fun to considering printing tapestry stuff on recyclable paper from local grocery bags. i’m thinking about trying a little silk screening with this but i’m open to anything. anyone out there have any ideas?

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  1. your dad is too quick witted—i love it! And you always said green was your favorite color–it looks good on you. i need your tapestry prayer email. And give pam a hug for me–i’m missing her alot right now.

  2. hey if ya want bags let me know,oh and by the way it would be weird having recycled John Wayne toilet paper with Tapeistry on it because then people would be wiping their butts with it ewwww , ur dad is gross but funny .

    hey got an idea this is a stolen idea,yeah I am gonna give ya a Steve Master idea get old shirts from the thrift store turn them in side out and silk screen them how about that or see if you can get tee shirts donated .

    shhh don’t tell Steve I told you his idea lol!!!

  3. hey if ya like the idea of t shirts let me know,i will try to help in anyway .

    so how is Steven’s point how is everyone adjusting ,I hope well, well i have been so excited thinking about the day when ur church is started and any things get underway!!!!!!11

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