oh yeah, i like the dog park

oh yeah i like this place
yesterday we took the dogs and the kids to the dog park at the standing rocks park just outside of plover. it was awesome. it’s a 37 acre fenced area where montana and roux were able to run and sniff till they were ready to collapse. the area even has an agility course but i really can’t imagine my basset hounds being very interested in it.

i actually think my kids enjoyed the dog park as much as the dogs did. they spent most of their time playing on the agility course. i’m not sure if i can enter them in agility competitions or not but i do know they can do the course faster than a basset hound can.
adam & noah at the dog park

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  1. LOVE that picture! What a cute doggy expression you captured! I really enjoy looking at your photography posted, as well as following links to other photographers you have suggested.

    By the way – how is the running coming along? Jim & I have started our training & are excited to get back into running 5 or 10ks on the weekends (to get a “free” tshirt of course) – Ha!

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