dreaming of woven paper

anybody know how to weave paper? and if you do is it possible that you also know if you can print on it? i know this sounds odd but i’ve been thinking of doing information flyer’s or cards on woven paper. it might not work at all but you never know until you ask and try.

earlier tonight i was listening to ten shekel shirt’s song “cheer up.” it’s a great song. one part of the song kept nailing me. the song ends saying:

wake up it’s time to dream bigger. wake up it’s time.

i’ve heard people talk in church many times concerning dreaming big but it usually came across as “get more people to come to church and do it within the budget that exists” (it was probably just me thinking that). not a very big dream in my opinion. don’t get me wrong, i’m okay with a church growing in size (after all, at the moment tapestry consists of only four members and all of them are named terrell – it would be nice to have at least a little variety of names) but i don’t usually find GOD-given dreams within scripture being about getting more people to come to church. often GOD-given dreams are about fighting for the freedom of people (which is about salvation but not necessarily church membership) but other times these dreams are about dynamic changes in the way we understand our faith (consider peter), or changes in the direction we are going (consider paul), or challenges that press our faith onward (consider jacob, or lead us to act one way knowing others will disagree (consider jospeh), or many other things. these were dreams that pushed the followers of GOD to do dangerous, risky things. these were things that other people might not always understand. these were things that required GOD’s presence to be accomplished. in fact, if GOD didn’t show up then catastrophic failure was just around the corner. i think dreaming and risk may go hand in hand.

so what are some big dreams?

i hope we all (and i in particular) can dream bigger and risk much. if we did it might be a scary adventure but it would definitely be a great one.

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