the family that reads together

actually this title is misleading because it’s not so much about my family reading together as much as it is about my wife and kids assigning me books they like. i’m not sure how it got started but somehow pam, adam, and noah gained the opportunity to tell me a book to read and then discuss it later. it’s been great. all three of them gave me wonderful works of fiction to read that i probably would not have read with out them. i love my family.

here are the three books they assigned me:

  • anne of green gables” – pam picked this one – it’s a chick book that i never would have read on my own but it was great. it had some incredible insight into church within it. i love that pam knows what i will like even when i don’t.
  • fahrenheit 451” – adam picked this one – i can not believe that i have never read anything by bradbury before. the book was fantastic and i’ll have to pick up some more bradbury. it led to some great conversation with adam and i in turn was able to introduce adam to “animal farm” (which i love).
  • things not seen” – noah picked this one – i was familiar with andrew clements because of “frindle.” he writes wonderful preteen books and this one was a pleasure to read and discuss with noah.

since i always try to keep a work of fiction and a work of non-fiction flowing through my head at the same time i now have to find some new fiction recommendations. i would probably ask my mom to recommend something (she reads more often than she breathes) but she would probably tell me about some cookbook that i absolutely have to read.

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  1. I also loved Animal Farm & probably should read it again (last read was in high school). I never read Fahrenheit 451, so this recommendation has prompted me to put it on my ‘to read’ list.

    One of my other classic fave’s….Jane Eyre. LOVED it. I want to read it again as that was also a high school read. There are just so many I want to read!!!

    That is one thing about your lovely wife that i appreciate about her so much…always passing on a great book for me to read & so far, she has never led me astray (Poisonwood Bible and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

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